Le Verre Fluoré, leader in fluoride glass and Mid IR optical fiber technology

Since 1978, Le Verre Fluoré has been the undisputed leader in developing fluoride glass technologies: mid infrared fiber, glass fiber, multimode and single mode optical fiber, laser sources and optical sensors.

Continually at the forefront of fluoride glass research, we collaborate with some of the most distinguished international research teams in the field, including COPL Laval University (Quebec), ISL (France and Germany), and Macquarie University (Australia).

Our unrivalled expertise in fluoride glass, mid IR transmission fiber and optical fiber technology enables us to design, create and deliver outstandingly innovative and often unique products, services and solutions to clients in the aerospace, astronomy, defense, medical and varied industrial sectors.

Our continuous commitment to cutting-edge R&D enables us to supply:

  • The most transparent ZBLAN fibers on the market
    • Transmission record: 0.00104 dB/m at 2560 nm (ZrF4 fiber)
    • <0.005 dB/m in K band [2000 – 2400] nm
  • The most transparent Indium fluoride fibers on the market
    • Transmission record: 0.0022 dB/m at 3670 nm
  • The highest quality IR fibers and patch cables (single mode, multimode, double clad, PM), supercontinuum sources and optical sensors
  • An exceptional range – more than 1000 – of fluoride glass compositions, making it possible to adjust NA, thermal, geometrical and mechanical properties.

We work in close collaboration with our customers and clients, listening to them and analyzing their challenges and problems, so that we can provide top-quality responsive, relevant and cost-effective solutions.