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ZFG Polarization maintaining

LVF delivers a standard ZFG polarization maintaining fiber.

In that case, the linear polarization during propagation is obtained thanks to two air-gaps (see fiber section image).

∅core (µm)
∅cladding (µm)
Numerical aperture
Cut-off wavelength (µm)
Beat length @2.8 µm (mm)
≈ 20
ZFG PM [1.95] 6.5/125

This polarization maintaining fiber was developped for GRAVITY project and is now integrated system including a delay line and a polarization rotator.
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Polarization maintaining

Standard price available
in our catalog on-line

Depending on your need and wavelength range of interest, fibers can be customized in order to adjust their cut-off wavelength and core diameter

your own fiber

• Custom cut-off

• Custom NA (from 0.04 to 0.35)

• Custom core size (from 2µm core diameter)