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Fluoride Glass Fibers

Passive Fibers

Passive fibers

Since the discovery of ZBLAN glasses in 1974, Le Verre Fluoré has worked to develop a large range of fluoride optical fibers, including ZrF4, InF3 and AlF3 based optical fibers, designed for mid-infrared applications.

Our fluoride fibers can be separated in three main categories :

ZFG (Zirconium ZrF4 Fluoride Glass) = fluorozirconate fibers
Exhibit a high transparency from 0.3 up to 4.5µm (see graph below)

IFG (Indium InF3 Fluoride Glass) = fluoroindate fibers
Exhibit a high transparency from 0.3 up to 5.5µm (see graph below)

AFG (Aluminium AlF3 Fluoride Glass) = fluoroaluminate fibers, generally used for end-capping solutions. Contact us to know more about AFG.

Multimode fibers

Cut-back background losses:

  • ZFG: Typ < 20dB/km at 2560nm
  • IFG: Typ < 20dB/km at 3670nm

Operation wavelengths (<1dB/m):

  • ZFG: 0.32-4.3µm
  • IFG: 0.335-5.3µm

Those fibers can be drawn in many kind of design depending on your needs, click on the category you are interested in to find out more :