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LVF germanate multimode fibers now available for large quantities orders

We are happy to inform medical laser manufacturers and the photonics community that we are now able to deliver significant quantities of our germanate fibers.

These fibers exhibit a high power handling and chemical stability around 2.7-3.0 µm, and are the fibers of choice  for power handling and pigtailing of Er:YAG /Er,Cr:YSGG lasers used in dentistry and  surgery.

First available design is  GeG MM (0.18) 450/500, with a 450 µm  diameter and a 0.18 numerical aperture. Main specifications are : Typical pulse energy handling of 600 mJ at 2.78 µm ; < 50 dB/km background loss, ; < 150 dB/km  @ 2.78µm and < 350 dB/km  @ 2.94µm attenuation.

More designs will be available later this year.

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