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Fiber bundles and probes

Main features :

  • Any Passive or Active fiber manufactured by LVF can be wired
  • Fiber bundles and backscatter probes can contain up to hundreds of optical fibers
  • Custom fiber arrangement: linear, round, square…, coherent or not
  • Standard connectors: SMA 905 – FC/PC – FC/APC, Diamond and custom connectors
  • Standard protective tubing: Hytrel (diameter: 0.9 mm, Kevlar (diameter: 4 mm), Stainless steel jacket (diameter: 7 mm), Peek jacket (diameter: 0.9 mm)


  • Splitting light source into several channels
  • Combining light form several sources
  • Light illumination & Detection channels (backscatter probes)
  • Qualified for harsh environnement
  • Qualified for industrial use

Insertion loss  core/ferule concentricity

  • standard connector < 2 µm
  • optimized connector < 0.5 µm

Need information and help for design your bundle:

LVF proposes IR screened fibers and endcaps solutions  for  high power laser handling.