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Fluoride Glass Fibers

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Our products

Le Verre Fluoré provides the most transparent fluoride fibers of the market.

Le Verre Fluoré

Le Verre Fluoré was established in 1977 as a spin-off of the discovery of fluoride glasses by Poulain brothers.

40 years of continuous R&D effort led to outstanding pionneering achievements.

Among them, ZBLAN and Fluoroindate glasses, low loss optical fibers, qualified for industrial use. High reliability and low costs outline maturity of fluoride glass technology.

Your applications

Fluoride glass is a key technology for many mid-infrared industrial applications

Thanks to its outstanding properties, fluoride glass allows innovative laser developments from UV to mid-infrared

Fluoride glass technology allows very efficient transmission and laser emission in mid-infrared.

Since 1987, LVF is the reference company for astronomy developments