Sensors & supercontinum source


Mid IR supercontinuum laser technology for infrared countermeasures and other applications


Le Verre Fluoré has developed a range of mid IR supercontinuum laser solutions: discover their features, specifications and applications below.


  • High brightness single-mode IR beam
  • Outstanding wavelength coverage


  • Wavelength coverage: 800 – 4000 nm
  • Output power: > 500 mW
  • Beam quality: TEM00 Gaussian beam
  • Repetition rate: 100 kHz
  • Output coupling: FC/APC connector


  • Infrared spectrometry
  • Infrared countermeasures
  • Spectral fingerprinting
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Research and development
  • Your application




TARGAZH SYSTEMS optical thickness sensor, created by Le Verre Fluoré thickness sensor experts

Learn more about the work of the thickness sensor experts at Le Verre Fluoré, who have researched and created the TARGAZH SYSTEMS optical thickness sensor.

  • Customer: Arcelor
  • Technology: absorption spectroscopy with a 100% optical solution
  • System aims:
    • Reducing paint consumption by 5% to 10%
    • Quality control
  • Method: online wet paint measurement before oven introduction
  • Performance/results: paint thickness measurement with ±0,3µm accuracy

System operation:

An infrared signal is transmitted to the painted surface, and then the light scattered back is analyzed and processed. This enables the thickness of the dry paint coating to be determined. Thickness measurement depends only on pigments, as solvent does not influence the result.

System characteristics

  • Fiber-target distance: from 10 cm to 25 cm
  • Field of measure: 6-10 cm diameter circle
  • Measurement wavelength: 3,8 µm
  • Sampling frequency: 100 Hz
  • Insensitivity to tilt and vibrations
  • Ability to measure thicknesses of several paint layers




Discover the Icotom fiber optic temperature sensor created by Le Verre Fluoré

Le Verre Fluoré is contributing to the work of the Mars exploration project EXOMARS through its Icotom fiber optic temperature sensor, which also has industrial applications – discover more below.

Main features:

  • Customer: CNES
  • Aim of the device: CO2 plasma temperature measurement
  • Technology: black body emission analysis
  • System characteristics: Icotom collects black body emission with an optical fiber, with the optical sensor remaining distant from the hot environment
  • Industrial application: oven thermal cartography

System operation:

  • Passive measurement of CO2 plasma emissions from a black body, to deduce its temperature
  • Measurement wavelengths: 2,9 µm and 4,5 µm, which are close to peaks of the CO2 emissions
  • Range of measurement temperature: 100°C – 1200°C
  • Precision of measure: min. 1°C
  • Calibration from a military black body

Opportunities for industrial applications

  • Oven and combustion chamber temperature measurement
  • Integration of the fiber to a water-cooled endoscope to withstand hot environments (>1500°C)