Discover the Icotom fiber optic temperature sensor created by Le Verre Fluoré


Le Verre Fluoré is contributing to the work of the Mars exploration project EXOMARS through its Icotom fluoride fiber optic temperature sensor, which also has industrial applications – discover more below.

Main features:

  • Customer: CNES
  • Aim of the device: CO2 plasma temperature measurement
  • Technology: black body emission analysis
  • System characteristics: Icotom collects black body emission with an optical fiber, with the optical sensor remaining distant from the hot environment
  • Industrial application: oven thermal cartography

System operation:

  • Passive measurement of CO2 plasma emissions from a black body, to deduce its temperature
  • Measurement wavelengths: 2,9 µm and 4,5 µm, which are close to peaks of the CO2 emissions
  • Range of measurement temperature: 100°C – 1200°C
  • Precision of measure: min. 1°C
  • Calibration from a military black body

Opportunities for industrial applications

  • Oven and combustion chamber temperature measurement
  • Integration of the fiber to a water-cooled endoscope to withstand hot environments (>1500°C)