Le Verre Fluoré, a history of ZBLAN fluoride glass fiber and MIR fiber laser technology innovations


In 1974, Professor Marcel Poulain and his brother Michel discovered ZBLAN fluoride glass, a heavy metal fluoride glass composed of zirconium, barium, lanthanum, aluminum and sodium fluorides.

Just four years later, Le Verre Fluoré was created and started its work in fluoride glass technologies. Forty years on, the company continues to develop innovative solutions in glass fiber, mid IR fiber laser and polarization maintaining fibers. In addition to the definition of the classical ZBLAN glass (1979), the team at Le Verre Fluoré also produced the first fluoroindate glass fibers (1992), the first single mode fluoride fibers, the first ZBLAN fiber lasers, and the first ZBLAN polarization maintaining fibers.

From 1985 onwards Le Verre Fluoré has been contributing to several major international astronomical projects, developing IR fiber technology for initiatives such as AVIRIS, FLUOR, OHANA, GRAVITY, ExoMars and SPIRou.

Since 2014, Professor Marcel Poulain has been President of Le Verre Fluoré, and Samuel Poulain the company’s General Director.


Our fluoride glass fiber and mid IR fiber laser research and production facilities

The company is based on the Ker Lann Technological Campus near Rennes, and our 800m² building offers extensive technological equipment and facilities for researching and producing ZBLAN fluoride glass fibers, mid IR fiber lasers and polarization maintaining fibers, including:

  • Chemical synthesis and purification systems
  • Glass and preform preparation
  • Fiber drawing towers
  • Cabling facilities
  • Spectroscopy and physical measurement setups


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