Fluoride Glass Fibers

New range of low loss fluoroindate fibers


Last year, months of development led to commercialization of low loss 7.5/125 singlemode fluoroindate fibers.

Today, we are proud to announce the commercialization of an extended range of low loss fluoroindate singlemode fibers : 8.5/125 and 9.5/125.

Toward 10 µm supercontinuum source commercialization

After several months of development, Le Verre Fluoré and Selenoptics are proud to introduce their last results : supercontinuum source emitting up to 9.8 µm.

The association of high quality fluorozirconate fibers and microstructured chalcogenide fibers made it possible to obtain a supercontinuum broadening up to 9.8 µm with a corresponding output average of 26 mW. Covering a large part of the fingerprinting region and of the atmospheric transparency windows (3-5 and 8-13 µm), this laser will be used as light source in applications such as multigas sensing, spectroscopy, medical diagnosis…

Commercialization of 10 µm supercontinuum source is expected by the end of 2019.

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